How do I present my topic attractively?


The exchange of ideas and information between colleagues is a daily custom for scientists. But what happens if all of a sudden the local reporter knocks on the laboratory door, if you are asked to present your research team at a trade fair or if you are invited to a lecture within the “children’s university”? It is necessary to find words and phrases that explain your work in a comprehensible, interesting and perhaps even entertaining manner without over simplifying. Our text seminar introduces methods on how to prepare yourself to strike the right note for every target group. Of course, you practise this with your own research topic(s).

If you draft the layout for your scientific posters and presentation slides by yourself you have probably already spent many hours moving text boxes back and forth in order to find a suitable place for every part. Perhaps you are interested in how to produce better results in a shorter period of time with some planning and fundamental layout knowledge. In this case we recommend our poster and presentation design seminar which first addresses the basics of graphic design and then offers you ample opportunity to apply this new knowledge to your posters and presentations. Individual advice and answers to your design questions are, of course, included.

Contact: Frank Graage